Sunday, June 18, 2006

Reader's update - 93 million

93 million is my readership, I understand. That is, people that have read some of my words here, perhaps not all.
If I could just get across the GRAVITY of having a leash on - ANY leash, the closer to 2011 we get...humanity would go through very little aches and pains in this transition. As it stands at this moment, however, 85% of humanity dies.
These deaths are not necessary! We have what it takes to End this, if we could simply remove our leashes!
Wouldn't it be great to have your whole neighborhood intact over the transition?
I am showing the way!
Please be aware that when I speak of figures like this, we are dealing with probabilities. We survive in many alternate universes. The alternate universe that the greatest amount of people INTEND to inhabit will be the probable universe most congregate in. These numbers are to give you a feeling of where humanity is directing our overall vision toward at this time.
Let's look higher! Save more of humanity! Remove leashes, and IT SHALL BE DONE!
What can you do in every now to get you closer to that which you desire? The answer is yours.
NOTICE! In all dimensions DOUBLE the 144,000 predicted in the Bible is guaranteed to survive the End Times! We have done well, but I am still hoping to multiply the 144,000 not by just double, but by ten times. We can do it if we get the word out that by breaking leashes and mending hoops, all can survive Armageddon.


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