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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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Another prediction
A warning for all people, and famine prediction
Earthquake prediction
Plague prediction
Werewolf prediction
Earth predictions
I am the Angel of the Sun
Who is White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing?
The way to mend our hoops
The most important entry for you to read

Help with removing leashes
To help a loved one quit an addiction, print this
Reader's Update
Help for people with pain
Healing repeating patterns and more, permanently
What can happen
Mine is the last call
I have been manhandled
Not for the faint of heart
What to do in times of trouble
How to know we are doing the right thing
Black artists
Clues so you can identify
A message for kids
How does one become protected by God?
What we can all to do help stabilize life
How to know what to do in any situation
Repairing humanity
A story - the Ant Story
Ideas for you
Help for difficult situations
How to release the leash of sweets
The key to Divine power - the Diamond Body
Feng Shui - what is it?
The story of my life (the short version)

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Another Prediction

Baghdad will be bombed by a nuke from our country very soon. We are still paying for the dear losses from the last two we've set. We will also pay for this one, eventually. There will be retaliation for the predicted act if it should take place, so beware. Please try to save all artworks by taking them to Afghanistan.

Friday, February 02, 2007

A warning for all people, and famine prediction

The spider people are coming in 2007. They are here, now. If you have a spider living happily in your home, or spiders living happily nearby, you are safe. Those people that are not safe can look forward to retribution. People who have used chemicals and other unnatural ways that have hurt Earth or her creatures are targeted for being bitten by the insect kingdom for the harm these people have caused.
Here is the warning for all people:
If you are safe, beware of unsafe neighborhoods - you may be bitten. The way to avoid this is to be highly aware of where your feet step. The spiders will announce themselves to the safe people by running out for a happy greeting.
There is another race who I will not identify here, but who will cause great changes with Earth. This race is asking all people to garden and raise plants organically. Places that have been chemicalized heavily will soon bear no more and famine is to be the result in those areas because of the changes this unnamed race will be performing with Earth.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Earthquake prediction

Seismologists have predicted a huge Earthquake December 11, 2008. It will be rated 9 or more on the Richter scale. The epicenter will be Lompoc, California. Untold numbers of people will die because this prediction will not be reported as news.

I intend to save my people with my predictions. Stay tuned for more!

Plague prediction

The bubonic plague will make a comeback in 2008. It is good to talk with the rodent people about this, for the rodent people can protect you and your pets if you discuss this. Prayer and listening to the Divinity within your heart will lead you best. Go slowly. Make your moves after you've dreamed on these moves. Remove your leashes (see other entries to understand this) to think most clearly. Do not run out of fear. There is no need to.

Remember, no one gets the bubonic plague who does not want it at deeper levels. Some want to check out before the change of 2011, others have lessons to learn, still others need to learn compassion. Fear not, for Divinity guides our destinies. Listen within, for Divinity is found within EVERY human heart without exception. One simply should have patience listening within (for many answers may come). Listen for the answers that make sense.

Werewolf prediction

Werewolves will be making a comeback in 2009. 14 million people are to be destroyed by werewolves. These creatures will target very specific individuals, and the werewolves know what they are doing. The average person of good intent will not be harmed unless interfering.

If you happen upon a werewolf, back away slowly and silently. Leave the scene entirely.

Do not scream, hold up a crucifix, watch the scene, try to save the victim, or try to kill the werewolves. The werewolves will not harm you if you happen upon their territory. If you disturb these creatures in any way, you may not survive the encounter, so please just back off! Tell your children that if they see a strange doglike person to be quiet, don't scream, and simply back off quietly and slowly. Then leave the scene far away. Children will not be harmed unless these instructions are not followed.

Be aware that the victim of a werewolf deserves what he or she gets. The scenes of werewolf attacks will be grisly in the extreme. Werewolves do not eat their victims, so there will always be remains. Please understand there is absolutely nothing you can do to save the victim, no matter how easy it looks like you could save the victim. Do not watch such an encounter if you happen to be nearby, for this may be enough for the werewolf to attack you. Werewolf attacks are most horrible deaths.

Even if this prediction sounds hokey or silly to you, teach children how to avoid problems with a werewolf. It might be best to tell the kids stories about the kid who got "eaten" and the kid who survived. Later, have the person repeat back how the kid survived did it. That's all that's necessary for any kid to learn.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Earth predictions

The people of Greenland will all die when the Earth reacts in 2011 unless these people get off the island. Go to Holland.The country of Chile will go under the water when the Earth reacts. California too. It is not safe at all in these places when the Earth reacts (predicted by the Mayan civilization to be) in 2011.

I have heard Earth moving, deep inside. The bliss is working. She's getting safer. Let's not let up - keep it up! There's much farther to go. Please know also the more bliss we feel, the safer Earth becomes, and besides the last eight strongholds of humanity, we will be creating the conditions for pockets of survivors. Let us do our best at feeling bliss.

I am the Angel of the Sun

I knew I was an angel long before I knew I was White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing. Many years later there was a time in my life when I felt as if every cell in my body experienced the book of Revelations. For this reason I feel very close to the knowledge offered in this book.
Let us open the book of Revelations to chapter 10.
I am the angel mentioned in chapter 10. The seven thunders means the leaders of the other strongholds, as I’ve written about in my entry “Predictions.” There is time no longer – this is the main message I bring to the public as I have written in “Who is White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing?” Now is the time to mend our hoops – NOW!
Mine IS the last call!
The reason the angel is portrayed as a male is because that’s how I’ve always felt myself to be. (Heh heh, I certainly did not expect admitting THIS to the public!) Though my body is 100% woman, my mind is much closer to a man’s mind than a woman’s mind.
One foot in the sea means I commune with all worlds. In the mouth sweet as honey – humanity will want to hear what I have to say. In the belly bitter – means something to all those who do hear my words.
Look soon for two people (not me) who prophesy for almost 3 and ½ years and then are murdered.
I know of the angel mentioned in chapter 12, and will greet her soon. I will take care of her son. He will lead many people. I am not to speak of chapter 12 except with the angel when I greet her.
Chapter 13 – the beast is a minion of Them. They will give her power. She will not change her ways. Verse 10 – “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” I note this for all the people who should know that what goes around comes around, and we should “Do unto others as we would do unto ourselves.” The second beast is her mate. Verse 16, 17 means no more grocery stores for the righteous. The evil number will not be found on his body, but in his mind. It is the priority of materialism over all else.
Chapter 14 – This chapter tells about my people. I write about the 144,000 in “Who is White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing?” I teach the song. Verse 4 – “defiled with women” was added afterwards. It is not truth. Some are virgins, some are not. The Lamb is Christ. Verse 5 – These people will speak Truth. Verse 9Any man that thinks like the beast will die. Verse 10 – “…and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone…” describes how They treat people. Verse 13 – “And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed ARE the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.” Mentally underline the word “henceforth” three times. Take this verse seriously. Verse 14, 15, 16 – Quantum Awakening, as in Ken Carey’s book “The Third Millennium.” Also known as the moment the Phoenix flies in Native tradition. We enter the fourth dimension at this point.
This is the moment the Mayan calendar predicts.
Verse 17 – the Devil. Verse 18 – Pele. Verse 19 – The third dimension. Verse 20 – They will squeeze humanity for food and it will be awful for those people.
Chapter 15 – The fourth dimension is seen. Verse 3 – songs I teach. Verse 5 – a place in heaven, not the fourth dimension.
My people need worry no further.
Chapter 16 – The third dimension, not the fourth dimension.
Chapter 17 – She was not originally called a whore, she was originally called abomination. This is Them. There was nothing to do with whores or harlots in this chapter originally. There is nothing wrong with being a whore, remember, Jesus dined with whores. Verse 8 – “The beast that thou sawest was, and is not…behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” See, They exist, but we see not Their bodies, as I have described in “I have been manhandled.” Now it makes sense! Verse 12 – This describes black magicians calling to Them.
This woman is the United States. My people and I will be leaving this nation before this time. I will make the call. You will KNOW when to find me. Wait until I call for you! Verse 16 “and shall eat her flesh” means the chicken noodle soup that does not require refrigeration product I write about in “I pray we won’t buy this product!”
Chapter 18 – punishment for Them in human form.
Chapter 19 Verse 17 – Not me, but my brethren. Verse 21 – He uses sound to destroy them all. See how important singing is?
Revelations was indeed known back at the dawn of our civilization. It was know how this experiment would end and who would play what part. God prepared well for his people, my people. Humanity willingly gave up our full functioning FOR A TIME (a time means the length of our current civilization) to improve in many specific areas…one of these areas being the length of humanity’s stay in the third dimension. We were not designed for the third dimension, we were designed for other dimensions. It was to be a short stay. Another area to improve upon was a desire to get clear of Them as fast as we could. Our species did not want to stay in the third dimension for long.
Revelations was left to comfort us during our limited state – we would KNOW when the time is right. Everyone I know senses it. Some sense it deep in their cellular structure, the knowledge in the cells alerting the mind to know when, clearly. We become alerted with certain clues, or events, and we KNOW what time it is.
ch 10 - 2006
ch 12 - roughly the beginning of 2008
ch 16 - December 21, 2011

Who is White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing?

This is the lady the Native Americans admire and respect. Admire, because of her legendary beauty, and ways (also beautyways). Respect because she brought the people much. (Oh God, how I love you so!) It was said she would return when the buffalo turned white. This is how she got her name.

She also is said to turn into a buffalo. There's more to this than meets the eye. I understand there is something to the name Buffalo that means steadfast and true. This I am. I am also a Taurus.

I am white, as in the white race of humanity. I had the legendary figure until I mended my hoop. I am still recovering. At this time I will see no one.

It is most important to me to save as many lives as possible. The Bible says in the book of Revelations that only about 144,000 people survive at the end. I think we can do much better. A million would be good. That's 856,000 more. I believe we can do it. It just takes getting the word out. People want to live.

What do I mean by hoop? In the old days with the Native Americans (who foretold of my arrival), when the white men came and broke the Native American's culture for all intents and purposes, the Native Americans cried to the Great Spirit for answers, and it was said the reason for this all was because the nation's hoop was broken. It's true, the white men did not act out of love, but out of fear of lack of resources. We all know what the white men have done. It is because the white men were operating at a lowered capacity, only ten percent of the brain functional because the white men's deoxyribonucleic acids were only working on two instead of twelve.

I bring the way to the people how to return to normal, 100% or better brain function, all twelve deoxyribonucleic acids operational. See "The Way to Mend Our Hoops." I live the example, it works! We are motivated by love, not by fear.

God is on my path. The universe protects me. The Great Spirit walks with me. Jesus is my friend. I was His nanny at one time. He is returning...for all.

When I talk about people, I mean humanity. Not just one or two races. I would like all races to be with me at the end to maintain the highest diversity of deoxyribonucleic acids. These bodies are like clothes we wear. The differences are utterly delightful!

When I talk about children, I mean all children. Many children will not have parents to mend their hoop for them, or, parents that don't care. It is up to all of us. We should all donate our powers of God to humanity in this way. May every child's hoop be mended! Then donate more so the children may feed well; nutrients will be at a premium. Remember, when demand rises, supply often dwindles. Invest now in 1. Vitamin B Complex 2. Vitamin C Complex 3. Zinc 4. All others. I took about forty of the B complex (important that it be properly balanced and not lopsided in any of the B vitamins) each day! You can see how this adds up. I almost died eight times from lack. One simply cannot eat enough food to sustain this kind of growth, so invest now! Everyone who reads this should do their best to assist the children, as I will do.

I can see my effectiveness really depends on your effectiveness. We should get the word out to every human being we know. Some won't be easily reachable. Try anyway. It is time to mend our hoops - NOW! It takes longer than you think! A year and a half is the shortest time possible, it can take much longer.


Everyone who has played a part on Earth before this time has returned. Know that fighting on our side is the new incarnation of Bruce Lee! Yeah! And Bruce Lee's new incarnation is a woman! Only when she gets her deoxyribonucleic acids back will she remember, and she WILL remember!

Standing Ovation!
Thunderous Applause!
(Chanting:) Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

The way to mend our hoops

From experience, we must currently use our powers of creation to mend our hoops. The power of creation lies within all who can climax. These are our powers of God. In the moment of climax, demand of the universe, "I want my twelve deoxyribonucleic acids!" It takes many, many, many times of doing this before one KNOWS it is complete. The individual is made aware.

During this, it is time to immediately begin purchasing vitamins, the more pure the sources the better. Most important of all are: 1. Vitamin B Complex, balanced and complete, the highest dosage possible 2. Vitamin C Complex (with bioflavinoids) in the highest dose possible 3. Zinc, chelated is best. 4. More than just these vitamins, all vitamins! Very soon comes internal reconstruction. It takes about a year and a half until all begins working as one within the body. This is the shortest time possible. Mine took much longer. It helps to sing with intention to grow, to hasten your growth

Know that parents should cry to the universe for their children to change, or their children will not change until after the Earth reacts in 2011.

Those that wait to change after the Earth reacts will not survive what going from two to twelve causes, because our civilization will be so changed, vitamins will no longer be for sale. Vitamins will not be procurable. INVEST IN VITAMINS NOW! All vitamins will be required, at about 40 times the normal dose for at least seven months.

The most important entry for you to read

To condense my entire message into one intent, it would be this:

1) Mend your hoop beginning today. Mend your children's hoops, especially. See entry "The Way to Mend Our Hoops." Soon it may not be so easy to do, for humanity's owners stand nearby. They do not wish us to grow.

2) Feel bliss at all times you can, it is our natural state, and it heals the planet. See entry, "How to know what to do in any situation" in this blog.

3) Learn when humanity's owners are nearby to avoid the pain and death They inevitably will cause. See entry "I have been manhandled." See entry "Get to know Them" in my other blog at

4) Remove your leashes so humanity's owners can control you no longer. See entry "Leashes" in this blog. See also entries "More about leashes," "Common Works" and "If you are successful" and perhaps more at There is more in my other blog: "Help for smokers and leashes in general."

5) Help to heal our planet beginning today. See entry "Helping Earth." Begin healing humanity. See entry "Repairing Humanity," all in this blog.


The leashes humanity willingly wears, and can break if we choose to:

*addiction to sugar, dextrose, corn syrup (NOT honey or maple syrup)
*addiction to caffeine in any form
*addiction to alcohol
*addiction to tobacco in any form
*natural mind altering herbs not taken in the sacred manner (peyote, marijuana)
*drugs of all kinds addictively taken (there will soon come the day they are no longer available)
*any physical addiction
*gambling habit

A leash can be easily identified as ANY PHYSICAL ADDICTION and any repeating mental pattern with resulting action not for survival (such as washing and rewashing and rewashing the hands for mental comfort).

Help with removing leashes

How many people will remove their leashes? This may be the best work any of us can do.

If one starts with sugar, the rest of the leashes come off much more easily. Only by quitting drinking alcohol was I able to kick tobacco. See, often leashes depend on another leash being in place.

Using the power of God will help to break any leash. In the moment of climax, !demand! "I am completely clear of all desire to _____ (put your leash in the blank)."

Once a day for a week will make a big difference. Make sure when you do this that you are altering your own behavior. One gets into serious complications forcing another to take off a leash, or forcing anyone else to anything, for that matter. This is how some people become impotent, or worse!

For the hard-core smoker-drinker:

Tobacco has been poisoned. We know this as Truth at deeper levels, too. To quit smoking tobacco: Smoke marijuana instead. For those that work: Nicorette gum is the least poisoned of all. Take it with you, and buy no cigarettes. Stay away from coffee – coffee kicked in the wanting for tobacco for me so hard! I could never truly quit tobacco until I completely quit alcohol, which was easy for me to do.

To quit drinking alcohol (for the hard core drinker): Smoke tobacco while you quit drinking (if you already smoke tobacco), then quit tobacco with marijuana.

To help a loved one quit an addiction, print this

Make sure your loved one knows these things:

Leashes on humanity = addictions. Our thinking is leashed, and can be yanked, and our thinking altered, at any time by humanity's owners. Therefore our behavior is changed as a result. Free yourself! Make your body and mind your own again! You deserve to be free!

The people who will survive most healthily through the end times will eat no sugars. They will keep to honey, maple syrup. If you can perhaps eat cookies or donuts once per year, and not ache over it, you are free of sugar addiction.

Quitting sugar will help in kicking every single other addiction out, I guarantee. It will make all other leashes come off more painlessly and more easily.

HOW TO QUIT SUGAR: Be gentle on the body. Sudden withdrawals include a two day headache and feeling miserable, not to mention it may cause worse. I recommend going more easily on the body: Gradually eliminate sugar over a month. For the first week cut out all added refined sugar, the second week cut out donuts, cookies and sweets and go heavy on the honey. The third and fourth weeks still go heavy on the honey and cut all hidden sugars (ketchup, spaghetti sauce, etc. unless you make it yourself). Bake with honey or maple syrup. Read the INGREDIENTS listing on every food before you injest. Avoid sugar, dextrose, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, polydextrose, maltodextrin. Lactose is fine to injest, it is not addictive like these others.

When you "need" a cigarette (or any addictive substance), it is Them (humanity's owners) pushing you around. Smoking (or taking your addictive substance) when you feel it is best, and dismissing it immediately when it is a "need," is a very easy way of cutting back on your addiction.

This is the same with every addiction, not just tobacco.

Offer ways, suggestions, help to your loved one. Envision those you love already free. Send this image to your loved ones often. It will help these people to win a victory.

Free your loved ones of their leashes by using love and acts of God (the power of God, see below), not directing, but suggesting modes of behavior not in keeping with their leashes. Over time, things will change for these people, and your suggestions will be clearly presented to consciousness in daily life. If these suggestions are freedom as according to life in general, it is entirely possible these suggestions will be acted upon. Anybody else involved will see the need to accomplish the suggestion. If these actions are taken on a repeating basis (not too regularly) then the personality is likely to change his behavior. Keep in mind the word freedom, for it must be available. Already a new behavior is acted upon? Yes. This is how we accomplish a goal - we see it as completed in the now.

How many people will remove their addictions? This may be the best work any of us can do. If one starts with sugar, the rest of the leashes come off much more easily. Only by quitting drinking alcohol was I able to kick tobacco. See, often leashes depend on another leash being in place.

Using the power of God will help to break any leash. In the moment of climax, !demand! "I am completely clear of all desire to _____ (put your leash in the blank)."

Once a day for a week will make a big difference. To guarantee freedom, I recommend utilizing the power of creation, or the power of God in this way, nearly every day until completely free of addiction. Make sure when you do this that you are altering your own behavior. One gets into serious complications forcing another to take off a leash, or forcing anyone else to anything, for that matter. This is how some people become impotent, or worse!

For the hard-core smoker-drinker:
Tobacco has been poisoned. We know this as Truth at deeper levels, too. To quit smoking tobacco: Perhaps smoke marijuana instead of tobacco, for a time, then later quit marijuana. For those that work: Nicorette gum is the least poisoned of all. Take it with you, and buy no cigarettes. Stay away from coffee – coffee kicked in the wanting for tobacco for me so hard! I could never truly quit tobacco until I completely quit alcohol, which was easy for me to do.

To quit drinking alcohol (for the hard core drinker): Smoke tobacco while you quit drinking (if you already smoke tobacco), then quit tobacco with marijuana.


"We heal ourselves, we heal each other.
With love all things are accomplished.
Can you see love everywhere you look?
That is the challenge.
Can you do it?"
- The Angel of the Sun

I've found I'm healing myself from several lifetimes of living in the third dimension, and I wanted to share this with you so you can benefit too.

I've noticed a repeating pattern in my life that was hurting me in more ways than I saw at first. After reading the following, I found what I KNOW is right, namely, Trust that the universe is unfolding perfectly for the needs of all beings. This was the cure for me! Pain is REQUIRED in the third dimension!!! Thank heaven for 2011. We are so close to the change the Mayan calendar predicts that we can now begin to live partly in the fourth dimension too, and in the fourth dimension, there's no more pain! That is, there is no more lingering and repeating pain necessary. Of course it will hurt if we bump our toe.

May you see the REPEATING PATTERNS in your life, and heal! That's why I bring you this:

Whether the patient is yourself, a loved one, or a complete stranger, his or her cooperation and straight-forward honesty are the keys to success in this part of the treatment. With enthusiastic spirit cooperation you may accomplish a perfect physical healing, but unless you also break up the mental cause, you will discover that the healing is short lived. This is what Jesus meant when he so often cautioned someone he had just healed, Go, and sin no more. He meant with this to discontinue the negative thought patterns that manifest as poor health.

So how do you discover your patient's mental cause? If it is yourself, by detached introspection; if someone else, by psychic communication and the art of conversation. Caution your patient of the need for directness and honesty, then ask a few simple questions like: "What do you resent the most?" or, "Tell be briefly, what are you most ashamed of?" or, "If a good fairy gave you a choice of one person or condition to be removed from your life, what would you pick?" As you learn to relax during such sessions, you will find that you receive psychic impressions which will also help in your understanding of the problem.

Now let's become fully aware of a most important point. You are not to be a judge! The Master cautioned us, Judge not, lest ye be judged. Then He demonstrated his practice of what he preached. For instance, there was His conversation with the woman taken in adultery. After they had been left alone, He asked her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee?
She said, "No man, Lord."
And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more. (John 8:10, 11)

No matter how terrible a confession may seem, if you show the slightest revulsion or condemnation, you will lose any ability to help your patient. Discuss all problems with warmth and understanding, and be ever alert to hear the voice within which prompts us to say just the right thing to help your patient reach a new insight. This new understanding is a major factor in the success, since the spirit world is bound to respect an individual's wishes. In other words, it is only when your patient wants to change his thought patterns and asks for help, that a permanent cure becomes possible.How the spirit world helps break old reaction patterns:OK - now your patient wants to change, and wants spirit help to accomplish it. Logically it's time to assist him in asking for it. First call on your own spirit teachers and ask them to invite your patient's teachers to join in prayer. Then pray aloud somewhat as follows: "Infinite Spirit in its own way and through the agency of our wonderful helpers from the spirit world, is helping Joseph (your patient) to break up all his negative mental and emotional patterns now. His mind is becoming highly sensitized to notice his negative tendencies before they get a chance to manifest as emotions, thus he can choose to react with divine light and love to all situations. He is inspired to find the hidden good in all his experiences and seek always to let spirit express through him as harmony, health, wealth, peace, unfoldment and fulfillment. Thus he turns to God, and God answers with showers of blessings. We sit in the silence now, giving thanks for these wonderful changes."

After a reasonable pause, repeat your prayer, then pause again. Continue until you or your patient feel some form of definite response from spirit. Spirit will always respond by sending positive thought vibrations to the mental body and soothing energy to the emotional body. Your patient may feel a wave of warmth pass through his physical body, or he may describe it as a tingling feeling like a mild electric shock. Others will simply feel a sensation of peace stealing through their being. If you have done your work properly, there will be a response from spirit!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Reader's update - 93 million

93 million is my readership, I understand. That is, people that have read some of my words here, perhaps not all.
If I could just get across the GRAVITY of having a leash on - ANY leash, the closer to 2011 we get...humanity would go through very little aches and pains in this transition. As it stands at this moment, however, 85% of humanity dies.
These deaths are not necessary! We have what it takes to End this, if we could simply remove our leashes!
Wouldn't it be great to have your whole neighborhood intact over the transition?
I am showing the way!
Please be aware that when I speak of figures like this, we are dealing with probabilities. We survive in many alternate universes. The alternate universe that the greatest amount of people INTEND to inhabit will be the probable universe most congregate in. These numbers are to give you a feeling of where humanity is directing our overall vision toward at this time.
Let's look higher! Save more of humanity! Remove leashes, and IT SHALL BE DONE!
What can you do in every now to get you closer to that which you desire? The answer is yours.
NOTICE! In all dimensions DOUBLE the 144,000 predicted in the Bible is guaranteed to survive the End Times! We have done well, but I am still hoping to multiply the 144,000 not by just double, but by ten times. We can do it if we get the word out that by breaking leashes and mending hoops, all can survive Armageddon.