Sunday, June 25, 2006

Help with removing leashes

How many people will remove their leashes? This may be the best work any of us can do.

If one starts with sugar, the rest of the leashes come off much more easily. Only by quitting drinking alcohol was I able to kick tobacco. See, often leashes depend on another leash being in place.

Using the power of God will help to break any leash. In the moment of climax, !demand! "I am completely clear of all desire to _____ (put your leash in the blank)."

Once a day for a week will make a big difference. Make sure when you do this that you are altering your own behavior. One gets into serious complications forcing another to take off a leash, or forcing anyone else to anything, for that matter. This is how some people become impotent, or worse!

For the hard-core smoker-drinker:

Tobacco has been poisoned. We know this as Truth at deeper levels, too. To quit smoking tobacco: Smoke marijuana instead. For those that work: Nicorette gum is the least poisoned of all. Take it with you, and buy no cigarettes. Stay away from coffee – coffee kicked in the wanting for tobacco for me so hard! I could never truly quit tobacco until I completely quit alcohol, which was easy for me to do.

To quit drinking alcohol (for the hard core drinker): Smoke tobacco while you quit drinking (if you already smoke tobacco), then quit tobacco with marijuana.


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