Sunday, June 25, 2006

The most important entry for you to read

To condense my entire message into one intent, it would be this:

1) Mend your hoop beginning today. Mend your children's hoops, especially. See entry "The Way to Mend Our Hoops." Soon it may not be so easy to do, for humanity's owners stand nearby. They do not wish us to grow.

2) Feel bliss at all times you can, it is our natural state, and it heals the planet. See entry, "How to know what to do in any situation" in this blog.

3) Learn when humanity's owners are nearby to avoid the pain and death They inevitably will cause. See entry "I have been manhandled." See entry "Get to know Them" in my other blog at

4) Remove your leashes so humanity's owners can control you no longer. See entry "Leashes" in this blog. See also entries "More about leashes," "Common Works" and "If you are successful" and perhaps more at There is more in my other blog: "Help for smokers and leashes in general."

5) Help to heal our planet beginning today. See entry "Helping Earth." Begin healing humanity. See entry "Repairing Humanity," all in this blog.


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