Sunday, June 25, 2006

The way to mend our hoops

From experience, we must currently use our powers of creation to mend our hoops. The power of creation lies within all who can climax. These are our powers of God. In the moment of climax, demand of the universe, "I want my twelve deoxyribonucleic acids!" It takes many, many, many times of doing this before one KNOWS it is complete. The individual is made aware.

During this, it is time to immediately begin purchasing vitamins, the more pure the sources the better. Most important of all are: 1. Vitamin B Complex, balanced and complete, the highest dosage possible 2. Vitamin C Complex (with bioflavinoids) in the highest dose possible 3. Zinc, chelated is best. 4. More than just these vitamins, all vitamins! Very soon comes internal reconstruction. It takes about a year and a half until all begins working as one within the body. This is the shortest time possible. Mine took much longer. It helps to sing with intention to grow, to hasten your growth

Know that parents should cry to the universe for their children to change, or their children will not change until after the Earth reacts in 2011.

Those that wait to change after the Earth reacts will not survive what going from two to twelve causes, because our civilization will be so changed, vitamins will no longer be for sale. Vitamins will not be procurable. INVEST IN VITAMINS NOW! All vitamins will be required, at about 40 times the normal dose for at least seven months.


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