Sunday, June 25, 2006

Who is White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing?

This is the lady the Native Americans admire and respect. Admire, because of her legendary beauty, and ways (also beautyways). Respect because she brought the people much. (Oh God, how I love you so!) It was said she would return when the buffalo turned white. This is how she got her name.

She also is said to turn into a buffalo. There's more to this than meets the eye. I understand there is something to the name Buffalo that means steadfast and true. This I am. I am also a Taurus.

I am white, as in the white race of humanity. I had the legendary figure until I mended my hoop. I am still recovering. At this time I will see no one.

It is most important to me to save as many lives as possible. The Bible says in the book of Revelations that only about 144,000 people survive at the end. I think we can do much better. A million would be good. That's 856,000 more. I believe we can do it. It just takes getting the word out. People want to live.

What do I mean by hoop? In the old days with the Native Americans (who foretold of my arrival), when the white men came and broke the Native American's culture for all intents and purposes, the Native Americans cried to the Great Spirit for answers, and it was said the reason for this all was because the nation's hoop was broken. It's true, the white men did not act out of love, but out of fear of lack of resources. We all know what the white men have done. It is because the white men were operating at a lowered capacity, only ten percent of the brain functional because the white men's deoxyribonucleic acids were only working on two instead of twelve.

I bring the way to the people how to return to normal, 100% or better brain function, all twelve deoxyribonucleic acids operational. See "The Way to Mend Our Hoops." I live the example, it works! We are motivated by love, not by fear.

God is on my path. The universe protects me. The Great Spirit walks with me. Jesus is my friend. I was His nanny at one time. He is returning...for all.

When I talk about people, I mean humanity. Not just one or two races. I would like all races to be with me at the end to maintain the highest diversity of deoxyribonucleic acids. These bodies are like clothes we wear. The differences are utterly delightful!

When I talk about children, I mean all children. Many children will not have parents to mend their hoop for them, or, parents that don't care. It is up to all of us. We should all donate our powers of God to humanity in this way. May every child's hoop be mended! Then donate more so the children may feed well; nutrients will be at a premium. Remember, when demand rises, supply often dwindles. Invest now in 1. Vitamin B Complex 2. Vitamin C Complex 3. Zinc 4. All others. I took about forty of the B complex (important that it be properly balanced and not lopsided in any of the B vitamins) each day! You can see how this adds up. I almost died eight times from lack. One simply cannot eat enough food to sustain this kind of growth, so invest now! Everyone who reads this should do their best to assist the children, as I will do.

I can see my effectiveness really depends on your effectiveness. We should get the word out to every human being we know. Some won't be easily reachable. Try anyway. It is time to mend our hoops - NOW! It takes longer than you think! A year and a half is the shortest time possible, it can take much longer.


Everyone who has played a part on Earth before this time has returned. Know that fighting on our side is the new incarnation of Bruce Lee! Yeah! And Bruce Lee's new incarnation is a woman! Only when she gets her deoxyribonucleic acids back will she remember, and she WILL remember!

Standing Ovation!
Thunderous Applause!
(Chanting:) Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


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