Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Earthquake prediction

Seismologists have predicted a huge Earthquake December 11, 2008. It will be rated 9 or more on the Richter scale. The epicenter will be Lompoc, California. Untold numbers of people will die because this prediction will not be reported as news.

I intend to save my people with my predictions. Stay tuned for more!

Plague prediction

The bubonic plague will make a comeback in 2008. It is good to talk with the rodent people about this, for the rodent people can protect you and your pets if you discuss this. Prayer and listening to the Divinity within your heart will lead you best. Go slowly. Make your moves after you've dreamed on these moves. Remove your leashes (see other entries to understand this) to think most clearly. Do not run out of fear. There is no need to.

Remember, no one gets the bubonic plague who does not want it at deeper levels. Some want to check out before the change of 2011, others have lessons to learn, still others need to learn compassion. Fear not, for Divinity guides our destinies. Listen within, for Divinity is found within EVERY human heart without exception. One simply should have patience listening within (for many answers may come). Listen for the answers that make sense.

Werewolf prediction

Werewolves will be making a comeback in 2009. 14 million people are to be destroyed by werewolves. These creatures will target very specific individuals, and the werewolves know what they are doing. The average person of good intent will not be harmed unless interfering.

If you happen upon a werewolf, back away slowly and silently. Leave the scene entirely.

Do not scream, hold up a crucifix, watch the scene, try to save the victim, or try to kill the werewolves. The werewolves will not harm you if you happen upon their territory. If you disturb these creatures in any way, you may not survive the encounter, so please just back off! Tell your children that if they see a strange doglike person to be quiet, don't scream, and simply back off quietly and slowly. Then leave the scene far away. Children will not be harmed unless these instructions are not followed.

Be aware that the victim of a werewolf deserves what he or she gets. The scenes of werewolf attacks will be grisly in the extreme. Werewolves do not eat their victims, so there will always be remains. Please understand there is absolutely nothing you can do to save the victim, no matter how easy it looks like you could save the victim. Do not watch such an encounter if you happen to be nearby, for this may be enough for the werewolf to attack you. Werewolf attacks are most horrible deaths.

Even if this prediction sounds hokey or silly to you, teach children how to avoid problems with a werewolf. It might be best to tell the kids stories about the kid who got "eaten" and the kid who survived. Later, have the person repeat back how the kid survived did it. That's all that's necessary for any kid to learn.