Saturday, May 27, 2006

A message for kids

We adults of the now wish to bring all children through these end times safely, with health, and with happiness. We wish to see you thrive more happily than we have lived. I will do all I can to secure this for you, I guarantee it.

A day is coming when people care for each other again. We will be seeing much death in our lifetimes. We will be experiencing much death because humanity has not appreciated life as much as we should have. After the year 2011, people will consider each other precious once again. I do not think that you should die. You should live, happily too!

Please know that many people came to Earth simply to experience death in a new way...even some children came to Earth TO DIE, to learn what being on Earth right now is like. The experience of death is another way of learning things. Many people will be experiencing a death that in another existence they delivered to someone else. We all experience the return: "Do unto others that which you would do unto yourselves."

Do not kill, even bugs. Once you begin to work with life, to communicate with it, you will soon notice all life beginning to work with you, to talk with you. We will require everything we've got to survive the coming changes. Not killing is guaranteed to increase your personal power. Euthanasia, killing out of mercy or because a creature might be in pain, is not right! Watch carefully how other people treat bugs. You will then know who kills for no reason. This could save you, to know who to be careful of.

After the change of 2011, and around me, children are precious once again. Children's words are treasured. Children's health is again everyone's concern.

A day is coming where peace will be everywhere, people won't get sick anymore, there will be no more wars. All life will be in balance once again. We will again use all of our brains (not only ten percent as is now). There is much to look forward to! Everyone will be happy again, and feel blissful in the new day after 2011.

The days we live now, with our unhappiness, our cars, TVs and grocery stores will be looked back upon as the Dark Ages.

Eat and drink no sugar or chemicals. Return to the ancient ways and let not anyone misguide regarding taking care of the most important asset we have - our bodies. Eat fresh foods and do not allow addictions to grow. Addictions will be responsible for most of the deaths we will witness in the coming days.

Create as much bliss as you can. Send bliss to your friends, your family, and those you love. You will be saving our planet this way. People should be happy, especially children. Listen to the wise elders who wish to help you.

I say this because humanity now pollutes without caring, and we should care more for our children: Mankind has chosen to undergo these dark days of now for several reasons, the main one being growth of the species. Our numbers are larger than ever before. This is so diversity can flourish. The next reason is we had to take a look at ourselves in our worst behavior (our species). It taught us things such as who we are, and what not to do.

Remember the old ways and simple things in life. Depend on these.

How does one become protected by God?

How does one become protected by God? Do what is right. What is right?

Right action is that which eases suffering, causes no harm, and inspires no others to generous care taking. Right action enables one to honour the fire of clear mind with one another without need to perceive one above or below, more or less than another. Right action perceives the cycles of relationships and creates order within one's own mind, putting forth disciplined action free from desire to dominate or be dominated. Mind dedicated to right action perceives that we are the ancestors to those yet unborn and considers the effects of thought, word, and deed unto seven generations--each moment a holy moment pregnant with tomorrow. Best to speak kindly, act with care.

This will get you into the protected realms.

Friday, May 26, 2006

What we can all do to help stabilize life.

There is a certain frequency, life and life's nurturing, that we can hold and maintain. Singing helps this frequency stabilize. Sing often. To create peace out of discord, sing "The Blue Danube." To calm fears, sing "Silent Night, Holy Night." For little children and babies, sing the alphabet.

Kill no more. Cherish all life and you will begin to see all life working with you. We will need all our resources in the next many years. Count on this to strengthen your abilities.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

How to know what to do in any situation

Humanity was designed to exist in bliss. With this state of mind, we come closest to being Divine.

What is bliss? It is a momentary state of mind, where in the present moment, everything is perfect as it is now. The present moment is enjoyed fully. This is bliss. Usually a smile accompanies bliss. Bliss is our NATURAL state! We should all experience bliss daily.

We understand a moment of panic, or a moment of fury. However, a moment of bliss we must explain for complete comprehension by the largest amount of people.

Humanity's owners do not want us to experience bliss, for it does not assist Them. That's why bliss is not encouraged in our society. That's why the roads that lead to bliss (love) seem fraught with peril. That's why we have to explain bliss for complete comprehension. They don't want you to know, or do.

In our natural state, we know what to do. So, when next you don't know what to do, try this: Bliss. The best answer you require will come to you, immediately.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Repairing humanity

The planet needs our wisdom like never before in history. We all know the destruction of resources generations past have caused, and it is up to us to make things right. The repair will take a different form than most people expect, for we already know how to purify water, use clean energy and plant trees.

The real challenge is in getting people to know the differences they make individually:

How each spends his money (for responsible products and packaging); how each affects others by thoughts, words and deeds; how responsible each person is daily (by not polluting on an individual level); how each individual's gifts are needed for the benefit of the whole (inventing, teaching, communicating, leadership, etc., even simply thought transmission!).

There is a way to reach every individual with inner knowledge. It is spelled out here, now. The repair is to humanity.

The repair is so simple to do, it is surprising we haven't done it for many of our problems. It will take only ten percent of the population to do it, and the other ninety percent will benefit automatically, with no effort. You are hereby asked to be a part of this ten percent.

Here's what is needed for us to do, each in our own way:

1. During a quiet time every day (perhaps before bed, during driving, washing dishes, etc.), feel love as strongly as you can. Perhaps you feel most the love of life itself, for mankind, for your darling one, or cultivate love for the child within. The object is to begin from a standpoint of intense love. Not only is love the most powerful of frequencies, but this will rejuvenate you physically as well.

2. Imagine as vividly as you can all peoples respecting Earth and her bounty. See people returning her abundant gifts by planting trees, composting, recycling, purifying air and water before returning them to the stream of life, etc. See using clean energy sources for all needs. Imagine all peoples at peace. How would it be? The object is to feel the shared dream of mankind. Hold this vision as a habit...especially when the contrary is perceived.

These two steps are what is needed each day. People will respond by living attentively, by acting upon great ideas to manifest this goal, and by utilizing their creative gifts for the benefit of all. You make a difference! Do it today.

A story - The Ant Story

As we have the sense of sight, the sense of hearing, touch, taste, smell, on our bodies, to help understand the outside world, we also have inner senses which help us navigate in all dimensions:

Inner Vibrational Touch
Psychological Time
Perception of Past, Present and Future
Conceptual Sense
Cognition of Knowledgeable Essence
Expansion and Contraction of the Tissue Capsule
Disentanglement from Camouflage
Diffusion by the Energy Personality

Inner Vibrational Touch is when you feel someone with you in spirit, and you KNOW who the visitor is, such as your grandma who passed away, or your intense boyfriend/girlfriend who had to go out of town and misses you so much he/she visits you in spirit. When the being is felt – this is Inner Vibrational Touch in action.

Psychological Time – You’ve seen movies perhaps where someone lives out an entire lifetime, only to awaken and find himself as a young man. Maybe you’ve had dreams where you lived two years someplace, only to wake up and find yourself in the next day. These are examples of Psychological Time in action. Our society supports it in fiction, but few know we can do this consciously, lucidly, too. Human beings are not stuck in time. In my entry “For the artist: Design” I speak of how children nine years old and younger have an innate sense of design. Then I go on to say that if one pretends to be nine years old, information from that time comes through. This is what I mean to use Psychological Time consciously. We can also sense old age. This is how sometimes little children can say the wisest things. This comes naturally to children, and should to you too.

Perception of Past Present and Future – this is when someone goes to a place and somehow gets a picture of this exact same spot 50 years ago. I did it once in a dream where I was at a spot and saw it also 200 years in the future. With the present, one can “go” to a place far away, and sense it precisely. This is wherein we send out unknowingly little “ghosts” of our own, though we are not dead. Others can sense your presence. Again, human beings are NOT STUCK IN TIME OR SPACE. WE ARE FREE!

Conceptual Sense – this is the only one that is not super-easy for me to define. In fact, I don’t recall how it was explained at all, it was hard for me to understand. And this is the whole point of my story thus far...Jane Roberts discusses the consciousness of a spider, saying something like that spiders exist fully into Conceptual Sense, as hound dogs are into smelling. It has to do with building their webs, too. I feel I don’t comprehend this sense at all, but I know I talk with spiders. Spiders teach me about the unseen traps that are before us. So maybe I do understand Conceptual Sense, but am not easily able to describe it.

The rest of my story now diverges from describing the inner senses, to a discussion of insects. Before I go further, however, let me say that inner sense #5 can change one’s life.

Spiders are an unbelievably diverse group. But ants are not, seemingly, ants seem the same wherever I’ve seen them, except for one or two smaller and larger kinds, and two different colors, red and black. These are the only ants I know.

Now, let me tell you about my darling friends, the delicate ant (and here a pun: also known as a delicaCY! No, I haven’t eaten one! :-) To me, these little guys are darlings! My awareness of ants began with the so called “grease ant.” This is a name of derision. In fact, these ants are the tiniest ant I know, pure glossy black, and very, very delicate. A bubble of soap flipped off my dish sponge while doing the dishes one day, and just by walking through the bubble, the little guy began to drown and was in complete mortal distress! I saved him by sucking up the soap with a thirsty sponge. That’s how it began. “I’m sorry, little guy, you are so cute!” I felt/saw/heard its relief at being all right again. How dear it was! I told it I didn’t mind ants around, but if ants crawled in my sink, I would end up killing, and I didn’t want to do that since you’re so cute and little anyway. Don’t recall if I received a reply, but I noticed that the ants visibly withdrew, and I don’t think I ever saw one in the sink as long as we lived there.

I could clearly see a response.

Before this I knew of the fire ants in Texas – holy moly don’t step into those guys! Fire is right! That’s how it feels when fire ants bite. At this time I was disempowered and listened to my parent when told to spray outside the foundation encircling our home with malathion, a deadly poison. I was afraid of stepping upon any of the front lawn there, for when I did, ants by the hundreds zoomed up my legs biting and it was mighty painful.

Thank heaven I’ve changed my ways. Now I have some black ants that live in symbiosis (live happily together with) with a tree, in my backyard who I’ve gotten to know well. These are larger, glossy black ants that simply seem to zoom around on the tree that I continue to compost. There was a large plastic sheet covering too much of the dirt’s surface over the tree’s root system. Since it’s dry here, I wanted to move the plastic to a more suitable place, but as I began, I noticed maybe 50, maybe 100 little white specks I knew were the ant’s babies, actually eggs.

Hey, I’m all for family, so I stopped, and, knowing I would clearly see a response, directed all my energy in conveying to the ants that I would absolutely be moving this plastic. I heard the ants respond, “Thank you for telling us,” and I left the plastic where it remained. The next day I tried again. All surface ants and babies were evacuated already, but when I found the bottom of the plastic meeting the dirt, there were even more ants than ever! So I dropped the plastic as the ants scurried from the sunlight, and again conveyed with strong intention, “Tomorrow this plastic is moved from this spot, I guarantee!” I heard, “Sorry, we didn’t believe you.”

The next day I moved the plastic, and all of that nest was gone. Surprisingly, in between the folds of the plastic WERE MORE ANTS! I moved the plastic anyway – I live up to my word. Those ants went nuts! I heard as if from other ants, “Those guys didn’t believe you.” And those ants were mad! I dropped the plastic again because I knew if I continued, I would be killing many, and I do not want to kill. So I left.

The next day I heard, “Let’s invade her, after what she did!” and then I heard other ants say “She warned us twice and you wouldn’t listen. We will NOT invade!” !!!!! Isn’t that cool?

I was invaded, by about ten ants that soon left. So you see, there are individuals even there. I did get the plastic put away the day after, with no bugs present at all. I live peaceably with my black ants, and I continue to nourish all with compost. “Thank you!” the ants say to me.

The terrain here is dominated by the largest red ants I’ve ever seen. These I respect. These guys are five times larger than fire ants. I could EASILY see any culture learning from these hardy, thrifty, most productive ants.

Now I have a funny ant story, I laugh about it still now…once upon a time there was a logging crew out in the boonies wreaking havoc with their bulldozers, loaders, fuel trucks, water trucks, logging trucks, yarders, lowboys, cats (caterpillars), skidders, etc. (yes, there’s more!). The woods boss, also known as the guy who ran the operation, loved to run the equipment. He had a son he was grooming to become woods boss one day. They both ran that equipment with impunity wherever they wanted. We moved into old growth forest. My boyfriend and I took the second choicest spot to park our travel trailer, because we were early. The faller (the guy who chainsaws the trees down) had the first most choice spot to camp, as usual. By the way, that faller taught me a great deal about trees most people do not know.

So the woods boss’s son comes in, and the third most choice spot was not good enough – well, not when he had a bulldozer! So into the greenest, most lush hush spot in the whole area – he runs the bulldozer! He left then, going back to town to fetch the trailer. I walked over to the carnage. Literally hundreds of baby cedar treelings were pulled out, run over, stomped on, but STILL ALIVE. I knew that trees are conscious 50 years before sprouting as well as 50 years after dying, so I knew I should save these. Over 200 trees I saved. It was a nursery he bulldozed!

Parking his trailer, he saw how busy I was and wanted to know what was going on. I could barely speak to him, but mutely gestured – wasn’t it obvious I was planting trees? I dared not utter a word for I was angry with him. He rolled his eyes and walked off, a bit agitated, for some reason.

Ha ha ha, I can’t help but laugh out loud here, because that same night he and his father both had to get up in middle of the night and move both trailers, his and his dad’s. The huge carpenter ants there revolted, invading both trailers and beds and attacking the men’s bodies! I’m laughing again out loud, remembering. I found out what happened much later, but now the thought of those ants having their way with those men makes me smile. How those men deserved it! I do remember waking briefly to hear much engine noise, and then falling back asleep. I thought it was just another crew member making camp after a long day. It was the bosses. Hee hee!

Ah, the ants at the park! Once I stayed at a “river of nothing” with a logging crew. It was a huge power line setup that was cleared of nearly every living thing in its path. This is where I learned that the energy of the Earth can be returned. We will all have to do this one day. Anyway, at that time I was doing my best to integrate the large expanse of nothing with nature and mankind. I figured these logging men liked me, and I could persuade these guys to use those loaders as I saw fit. I saw fit to make our camp area, which had been ravaged and abused by corporations, into a park that all could use well and benefit from. I did much gardening there. There were many huge logs lying around, chewed by insects, and so considered “too pecky” to be used by the wood industry. I wanted to move the logs to create areas of parking lot, camp area, nature area (my garden), picnic areas, and keep out areas. Old logs are perfect for this.

But someone else ruled here. The ants. I sensed a huge, almost incomprehensible system of carpenter ants below the ground. I could speak with these guys. These ants sensed my footfalls upon the Earth. People walking was OK with them, these ants said, but cars, trucks, and loaders driving about would make these guys unhappy. Do you know how large a carpenter ant is? It’s the largest ant I know of. It’s black. These guys absolutely rule the Sierra Nevadas, all forests here in three states are dominated by these ants, which come in sizes anywhere from one inch long to one-and-a-half inches long.

So I knew I had to protect the men from these ants. That’s funny, I laughed aloud while writing that last sentence. Anyway, I decided to put a log no closer than there, and make this whole section (only about 1/3 of the whole) off limits to all but foot traffic. I told the men about the ants. I had to leave before I could get that section off limits with a log, but before I did, two newly incoming crew members (seasoned professionals) parked their trailers there (which wasn’t bad). What horrified me was to see the two men also parked their pickup trucks there. I tried to tell the men. I left without incident, but my boyfriend told me the men were run out by ants. No wonder that camp looked so abandoned!

My last ant story: There was a time it rained so hard I had compassion for all beings. Two species of ant came right into my front door. I let these guys in because they agreed to leave after the rain. These guys obeyed, and behaved perfectly! (Keep in mind I speak in terms befitting a dog trainer here.)

Long before I could talk with ants, I smelled them. This shows that there are different ways to perceive ants. So BEWARE of the army ant. Don’t get in their way or try to stop these guys, because there are individuals in every army.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Helping Earth

There are two powerful ways we can heal Earth so she will not react so violently when the time of critical mass occurs: 1. Composting 2. Women's ritual

We can heal Earth by our daily activities.

Composting should take place wherever food preparation exists. Anything that is matter that will decompose is potential compost. I recommend collecting vegetable scraps, facial tissues, etc. every day. Once a week it is good to bury such bounty near a plant that will utilize these nutrients. Everyone can do this, and it increases one's personal power to do so.

Women should pour their menstrual blood onto Earth as a once per month Earth-feeding ritual, with the stated intention of calling the energies that will help to the planet. The ritual could be very simple: place your pads, tampons, or sponges in a container of water; go out to your yard or a spot in nature and pour the water onto the earth, calling upon the higher forces to activate healing energies in the world. Then, of course, dispose of your tampons and pads properly.

It is time for us to use menstrual blood, our most sacred resource, in the ways that all of our ancestors did. Do not underestimate the reality and power that performing such a ritual will have! Remember the ancient ways! Remember!

At the very least, know that by pouring your menstrual blood onto the earth, you will be fertilizing all of the plant life you touch. If we do this collectively, Earth will starve no more. She is starving now, I've heard her tell me.

Ideas for you

Offered by someone else:

Inner attitudes, predispositions that encourage life and vitality:

1. I am an excellent creature, a valuable part of the universe in which I exist.
2. My existence enriches all other portions of life, even as my own being is enhanced by the rest of creation.
3. It is good, natural, and safe for me to grow and develop and use my abilities, and by doing so I also enrich all other portions of life.
4. I am eternally couched and supported by the universe of which I am a part, and I exist whether or not that existence is physically expressed.
5. By nature I am a good deserving creature, and all of life's elements and parts are also of good intent.
6. All of my imperfections, and all of the imperfections of other creatures, are redeemed in the greater scheme of the universe in which I have my being.

Those attitudes are inbred in the smallest microscopic portions of the body -- a part of each atom and cell and organ, and they serve to trigger all of the body's responses that promote growth and fulfillment. Infants are not born with an inbred fear of their environment, or of other creatures. They (infants) are instead immersed in feelings of well-being, vitality, and exuberance. They (infants) take it for granted that their needs will be met, and that the universe is well-disposed toward them. They (infants) feel a part of their environment.
They (infants) do not come into life with feelings of rage, or anger, and basically they do not experience doubts or fears. Birth is experienced in terms of self-discovery, and includes the sensation of selfhood gently rising and unfolding from the secret heart of the universe.

Help for difficult situations

The following is offered by someone else and I recommend it:

When in a difficult situation, whether the condition is one of poor health, a stressful personal involvement with another, a financial dilemma, or whatever, take these few steps to assist yourself:

1. Immediately begin to live in the present as much as possible. Try to become as aware as you can of present sense-data -- ALL of it. Often, while you are in pain, for example, you concentrate upon that sensation alone, ignoring the feelings of ease that may be felt by other portions of the body, and unaware of the conglomeration of sounds, sights, and impressions that are also in the immediate environment. This procedure will immediately LESSEN THE PRESSURE of the problem itself, whatever it is, and give you a sense of refreshment.

2. Refuse to worry. This fits in automatically with Step 1, of course. Tell yourself you can worry all you want tomorrow, or on some other occasion -- but resolve NOT to worry in the present moment.

3. When your thoughts do touch upon your particular problem in that present moment, imagine the best possible solution to the dilemma. Do not wonder how or why or when the ideal solution will come, but see it in your mind's eye as ACCOMPLISHED. Or if you are not particularly good at visual imagery, then try to get the FEELING of thanksgiving and joy that you WOULD feel if the problem was solved to your complete satisfaction.
These steps will allow you breathing time, and actually help minimize the pressure of your situation, whatever it is. Then, quieted, you will be able to consider other suitable steps that may more directly address your particular solution.

Each person is a VITAL, conscious portion of the universe. Each person, simply by BEING, fits into the universe and into universal purposes in a way no one else can. Each person's existence sends its own ripples throughout time. The universe is conscious at every conceivable point of itself. Each being is an INDIVIDUALIZED SEGMENT of the universe; then, in human terms, each person is a beloved individual, formed with infinite care and love, uniquely gifted with a life like no other.

No animal considers itself a failure, obviously. People, however, often identify with their seeming mistakes, forgetting their abilities in other directions, so that it seems that they are misfits in the universe, or in the world. The conscious mind can indeed have such thoughts because it so often tries to solve all problems on its own, until it begins to feel frightened, overburdened, and a failure in its own eyes.

The inner ego, however, always identifies with its source-identity as a beloved, individualized portion of the universe. It is aware of the universal love that is its heritage. It is also aware of the infinite power and strength that composes the very fabric of its being. Through being made aware of these facts, the exterior ego can begin to feel a quicker sense of support and nourishment. The knowledge can let it relax, let go, so that it feels its life COUCHED and safe, and knows itself to be indeed a beloved child of the universe, both ancient and young at once, with an identity far beyond the annals of time.

It is of great value, then, that each person remember this universal affiliation. Such a reminder can often allow the inner self to send needed messages of strength and love through the various levels, appearing as inspiration, dreams, or simply pure bursts of feeling. The inner ego draws instant and continuous support from the universal consciousness, and the more the exterior ego keeps that fact in mind, the greater its own sense of stability, safety, and self-esteem.

One of the attitudes DETRIMENTAL TO GOOD HEALTH is that of self-condemnation, or dislike of the self. Such attitudes are unfortunately sometimes fostered by parents, schools, and religions. Feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, and pleasure with one's abilities promote feelings of well-being, health, and exuberance.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How to release the leash of sweets

The people who will survive most healthily through the end times will eat no sugars. They will keep to honey, maple syrup. How can we give such an addictive substance to our own children- the future? Addict the future? This is the big question for each individual. If you can perhaps eat cookies or donuts once per year, and not ache over it, you are free of sugars.

Quitting sugar will help in kicking every single other addiction out, I guarantee. HOW TO QUIT SUGAR: Be gentle on the body. Sudden withdrawals include a two day headache and feeling miserable, not to mention it may cause worse. I recommend going more easily on the body: Gradually eliminate sugar over a month. For the first week cut out all added refined sugar, the second week cut out donuts, cookies and sweets and go heavy on the honey. The third and fourth weeks still go heavy on the honey and cut all hidden sugars (ketchup, spaghetti sauce, etc. unless you make it yourself). Bake with honey or maple syrup.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The key to divine powers - the Diamond Body

Reweaving the Aura with the Diamond Body

This teaching is not easy to learn. Expect this to take a little time initially to understand correctly, and many, many, many weavings to become second nature. Once one learns it, one is in the most powerful control of one’s self. This is a key to reaching the greatest powers a human being can achieve – divine powers. Though it takes many words to explain here, in reality it takes only about a minute to perform. In the beginning, do this before meditation often. With experience we know when to use it more.

Human beings are like cups. We hold entities. Some people are inspired by Angels, and others may be inspired by the lower types. Especially in crowds, sometimes these lower types can jump into our auras, and cause one to hear thoughts lower in character (this often happens when people go into bars or places of ill-repute). This teaching shows you how to take control of your aura, or cup, how to dump someone out, and how to call the highest divinity in to protect one from all harm.

Tools of the lower life forms against humanity are those substances we ingest that allow the lower life forms to enter our auras at will – substances like tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, drugs addictively taken, etc. This clearing teaching will still work, but the unlocked back door will soon be unattended again, and they’ll eventually steal back in.

Some of these beings are very strong and will cause you to lose track of your aura clearing, effectively keeping them “in charge.” In this case, keep the eyes open when doing the practice and concentrate well. They can only stay in charge because one allows them to. We are the more powerful beings.

When we weave our auras, the strength of our bodies and the land is improved. Earth benefits each time we do it. By keeping our auras clean, we are able to transform pollutants in the Earth, in the air, and all around more and more without effort. It is a natural side-function of the human being in good auric health to maintain the purity of Earth, her air and waters, the strength of plant root systems nearby, etc.

The Diamond Body Auric Clearing and Reweaving:

Imagine seven stars above the human head, stacked, one atop the other. These seven stars are actually gateways into other dimensions that can become blocked or otherwise unclear. There are these gateways in the body as well, most know these as the chakras. We take a thread of pure auric light, and reweave the aura with our imagination. Each gateway is to be stitched three times at least, and the stitches pulled firm and in the correct order. At the end of the weaving, knot the thread, clip it, then sever all threads not good for health, and call Jesus Christ or some such divinity into the aura. We are unfailingly assisted.

The gateways, in order, are thus: Seventh Star, Sixth Star, Fifth Star, Fourth Star, Third Star, Second Star, First Star, Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra (imagine a rhinoceros’ horn one winds the thread twice around to make one stitch), Medulla Chakra (base of brain, top of the back of the neck), Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Spleen Chakra, Sacral Chakra.

What follows is the exact words I said to myself at the time I was learning this. It becomes second nature after a time. You may choose your own words, as long as the order of the gateways is correctly reweaved, and as long as each gateway receives three taut stitches…I imagine cardboard triangles floating one above the other as the seven stars. The gateway I imagine as the middle of the triangle. I stitch the edges too.

“Seventh Star (corner) to Fifth Star (corner), up Sixth Star (corner), up into Seventh Star (corner), pull tightly, loop into second corner Seventh Star, down to Fifth Star (second corner), up to Sixth Star (second corner), up to Seventh Star (second corner), pull tightly, loop into third corner Seventh Star, down to Fifth Star (third corner), up to Sixth Star (third corner), up to Seventh Star (third corner), pull tightly, stitch down through center of Seventh Star, down through center of Sixth Star, down through center of Fifth Star,” and at this point one can rest, perhaps continuing in a moment…

That was the first section. This is repeated for the next section, the Fifth, Fourth, and Third Stars. Then repeated again for the Third, Second, and First Star section. Each of these sections can be made with a break or rest between each section. So, to continue:

“Fifth Star corner to Third Star corner, up Fourth Star corner and into Fifth Star corner. Pull tightly. Loop to second corner Fifth Star. Third Star second corner, up to Fourth Star second corner, up to Fifth Star second corner, pull tightly, loop to Fifth Star third corner. Third Star third corner, Fourth Star third corner, Fifth Star third corner, then down through Fifth Star center, Fourth Star center, Third Star center.” Rest or continue.

“Third Star first corner, First Star, Second Star, Third Star, pull. Loop. Third Star second corner to First, Second, Third Star, pull. Loop to Third Star third corner, First, Second, Third Star, pull tightly, stitch down through centers Third, Second, First Stars.” Rest or continue.

At this point the routine changes slightly. The sections too. The next section is First Star, Third eye, Medulla, Crown. The section after this is Third Eye, Throat, Heart. The last section is Heart, Solar Plexus, Spleen, Sacrum. Once each section is reweaved, it is whole, and the following section is to be worked on. Each section must be reweaved completely, and in the correct order, for the aura to be reclaimed. There are six sections in all to be weaved in the correct order, from Heaven (seventh star) to Earth (sacral chakra).

To continue: “First Star first corner, wind twice around Third Eye horn, down to Medulla first corner, up to Crown first corner, up to First Star first corner, pull tightly. Loop to First Star second corner, wind twice around Third Eye horn, down to Medulla second corner, up to Crown second corner, up to First Star second corner, pull tightly. Loop to first Star third corner, wind twice around Third Eye horn, down to Medulla third corner, up to Crown third corner, up to First Star third corner, pull tightly, stitch down through center of First Star, wind twice around Third Eye horn,” rest or continue.

“From Third Eye to Heart first corner, up to Throat first corner, wind twice around Third Eye. Down to Heart second corner, up to Throat second corner, wind twice around Third Eye. Down to Heart third corner, up to Throat third corner, wind twice around Third Eye. Stitch down through center Throat, center Heart,” rest or continue.

“Heart first corner to Sacrum first corner, up to Spleen first corner, up to Solar Plexus first corner, up to Heart first corner, pull tightly, loop to Heart second corner. Sacrum second corner, Spleen second corner, Solar Plexus second corner, Heart second corner, pull tightly, loop to Heart third corner. Sacrum third corner, Spleen third corner, Solar Plexus third corner, Heart third corner, pull tightly, loop to center of Heart, make knot, clip the thread. Sever all threads connecting to the aura not good for health.” At this point one is in complete control of one’s cup, or aura. It is good to next call the highest forces in to the aura to protect one at this point (at night, ask Christ to protect all night, and this reweaving and asking for protection should be repeated if one should awaken even momentarily during the night for best protection). See also entry "More about leashes" in my other blog

I call for Jesus Christ for I see Him as the highest energy that protects this dimension that we can relate to. Remember, this highest divine energy can always be found within our heart. He is with us at all times. This practice allows this highest energy to guide and protect your body's energies. One day you shall be amazed at what this highest energy can do.

It is good after the Diamond Body to specify a time frame with Jesus at the end, such as, "Please protect me as I lay and sleep here," or, "Please protect me as I paint." It is almost a requisite, it seems to me, to do the Diamond Body after I have been to public places.

End of teaching.


Reiki - get to know it. It is the healing power Jesus Christ had, and we all have it. There are currently three levels: Beginner, Practitioner, Master.

Feng Shui, what is it?

It is all about how Earth's energies flow to/through you for greatest Earth ease in habitating. It is ancient Chinese geomancy. It can be found as a branch of Tibetan Buddhism. It's all about "chi" or "qi" - energy flow.

The Story of My Life (the short version)

My mother wanted to give birth to Jesus Christ. Instead, she gave birth to Jesus' nanny. I return here now to assist with another transition of humanity. I am White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing.

Thursday, May 11, 2006