Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Table of contents - what's here for you

Another prediction
A warning for all people, and famine prediction
Earthquake prediction
Plague prediction
Werewolf prediction
Earth predictions
I am the Angel of the Sun
Who is White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing?
The way to mend our hoops
The most important entry for you to read

Help with removing leashes
To help a loved one quit an addiction, print this
Reader's Update
Help for people with pain
Healing repeating patterns and more, permanently
What can happen
Mine is the last call
I have been manhandled
Not for the faint of heart
What to do in times of trouble
How to know we are doing the right thing
Black artists
Clues so you can identify
A message for kids
How does one become protected by God?
What we can all to do help stabilize life
How to know what to do in any situation
Repairing humanity
A story - the Ant Story
Ideas for you
Help for difficult situations
How to release the leash of sweets
The key to Divine power - the Diamond Body
Feng Shui - what is it?
The story of my life (the short version)

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