Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Plague prediction

The bubonic plague will make a comeback in 2008. It is good to talk with the rodent people about this, for the rodent people can protect you and your pets if you discuss this. Prayer and listening to the Divinity within your heart will lead you best. Go slowly. Make your moves after you've dreamed on these moves. Remove your leashes (see other entries to understand this) to think most clearly. Do not run out of fear. There is no need to.

Remember, no one gets the bubonic plague who does not want it at deeper levels. Some want to check out before the change of 2011, others have lessons to learn, still others need to learn compassion. Fear not, for Divinity guides our destinies. Listen within, for Divinity is found within EVERY human heart without exception. One simply should have patience listening within (for many answers may come). Listen for the answers that make sense.


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