Friday, February 02, 2007

A warning for all people, and famine prediction

The spider people are coming in 2007. They are here, now. If you have a spider living happily in your home, or spiders living happily nearby, you are safe. Those people that are not safe can look forward to retribution. People who have used chemicals and other unnatural ways that have hurt Earth or her creatures are targeted for being bitten by the insect kingdom for the harm these people have caused.
Here is the warning for all people:
If you are safe, beware of unsafe neighborhoods - you may be bitten. The way to avoid this is to be highly aware of where your feet step. The spiders will announce themselves to the safe people by running out for a happy greeting.
There is another race who I will not identify here, but who will cause great changes with Earth. This race is asking all people to garden and raise plants organically. Places that have been chemicalized heavily will soon bear no more and famine is to be the result in those areas because of the changes this unnamed race will be performing with Earth.